June 14, 2016 in Season Guide
Recording audio out in the field.
Recording audio out in the field. Image credit: Johanna Kieniewicz.

This guide covers the approach I developed while producing a series of short audio interviews with for the group Cavendish inspiring Women (CiW) at the University of Cambridge. They are a student-led group that promote the visibility of women working in science. The guide is intended to help those with limited experience working with audio to record, edit and publish a short interview like the one below:

This isn’t a guide on how to create a podcast, nor does it go into detail about what equipment and software to use - there’s lots of great information about this online, and I’ve provided links where appropriate. Rather than focusing too much on technical detail, this guide describes the workflow of planning, recording, editing and mastering an audio interview.

I also offer this as either a half-day or one-day workshop - contact me to find out more.

It’s about personal preference

While a lot of this guide describes things that are standard practice for audio editing, there is of course more than one way things can be done. I’m not a professional audio producer, but I hope this guide provides first-time producers with a workflow that can get you going with your first piece. It’s really great fun.