Ep18: Light on the Nanoscale – Anna Lombardi (Bonus Episode)

December 14, 2015 in Season 1
Photograph of Anna Lombardi.
Image credit: Hannah Stern
Anna Lombardi is a post-doctoral researcher, studying how light behaves when it interacts with nanoscale objects.

You’re doing something that no-one has done before… you’re trying to understand things that no-one has understood before

Nanophotonics is the study of how light interacts with objects on the nanoscale - a thousand millionth of a metre in length.

Through her work Anna aims to improve the understanding of this behaviour, with possible improvements across multiple areas including healthcare, and solar cells.

Logo of Cavendish inspiring Women.

This bonus episode was co-produced with Hannah Stern, and recorded in partnership with Cavendish inspiring Women, a group based at the University of Cambridge who aim to raise the visibility of women working in physics. It forms part of a series of short interviews profiling scientists and the research they do.