Ep58: Live at the Imperial Festival – Sandrine Heutz (Bonus Episode)

September 2, 2018 in Season 4
Photograph of Sandrine Heutz.
Image credit: Jess Wade
Professor Sandrine Heutz describes her pathway into academia, including why her grandmother was so keen for her to study chemistry.

Recorded live at the Imperial Festival 2018.

The best bit is really sitting down with my students - they have data and it’s a load of line and spectra and images - it means nothing, and then suddenly it means something

In this interview we talk about Sandrine’s research into functional materials and how they can be useful in the world, what her role is as an academic (since this recording Sandrine has been promoted), plus take questions from the festival audience.

You can find out more about Sandrine’s research here and here.