Ep57: Live at the Imperial Festival – Emma Chapman (Bonus Episode)

August 20, 2018 in Season 4
Photograph of Emma Chapman at Imperial Festival.
Image credit: Jess Wade
Dr Emma Chapman talks about kangaroos destroying radio telescopes and working in science. Recorded live at the Imperial Festival 2018.
Illustration of topics covered at event.
Image credit: Jess Wade

That moment where you figure it out ... and you’re the only person in the world

The amazing Jess Wade produced a doodle of this conversation, plus another with Dr Ben Britton:

Emma has previously appeared on this podcast, in episode 29, where we talked about her experience of having a child during her PhD. You can listen to that interview here: Ep29: Having a Family In Science - Emma Chapman.

You can follow Emma on Twitter @DrEOChampman, and read more about her work on her website.