Ep44: It’s All in the Edit – Miriam Frankel and Stephen Harris

July 31, 2017 in Season 3
Photograph of Stephen Harris and Miriam Frankel.
Stephen Harris and Miriam Frankel. Image credit: Stuart Higgins.
What do scientists get wrong when trying to write for a general audience? I talk to the editors who take scientists’ writing, and turn it into something that will grab your attention.

If you don’t have the right story to begin with, it doesn’t matter how good a writer you are - no one’s going to want to read it

Miriam Frankel and Stephen Harris are science editors at The Conversation – an online news website where all the articles are written by academics. In this episode we talk about the common mistakes that scientists make, such as style and word choice.

We also talk briefly about Miriam’s pathway into science journalism, from leaving her PhD to pursue a career that allows her to explore and think about a greater breadth of topics.

You can read articles written by scientists, and edited by Stephen and Miriam on The Conversation UK website, where you can also find The Anthill - The Conversation UK’s podcast. Stephen tweets @swjharris, Miriam is @miriamfrankel.