Ep56: Teaching and Researching – Kirsty Shaw

July 9, 2018 in Season 4
Photograph of Kirsty Shaw.
Image credit: Kirsty Shaw
Academics do research, but they also teach students. So how do you balance teaching, while also carrying out research?

If you don’t want to do teaching, then I’m not sure an academic role is quite right

Dr Kirsty Shaw is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. We met during a workshop and took the opportunity (while rattling around on a bus in Vietnam) to talk about Kirsty’s experience of academia, how she interacts with students, and her tips on balancing different roles.

Kirsty also talks about the benefits of having a research mentor, somebody who can help you hold yourself to account, as well as share their wisdom on how best to work in academia.

You can read more about Kirsty’s research into lab-on-a-chip devices here, and follow her on Twitter @DrKirstyShaw.