Ep41: Managing a Lab and TheScienceShed – Steven Lee and Nick Evans

June 18, 2017 in Season 3
Photograph of Steven Lee and Nick Evans.
Steven Lee (left) and Nick Evans (right) in TheScienceShed. Image credit: TheScienceShed.
Dr Nick Evans and Dr Steven Lee are academics at the University of Southampton and University of Cambridge. Together they produce TheScienceShed, a podcast about science and academic life.

You’ve got to be good and bad cop - which is difficult

The transition from researcher to academic involves lots of changes. Academics are responsible for teams - PhD students and postdocs. These are the people who will be in the lab, carrying out the experiments that form part of the principle investigator’s research aims.

In this interview Steve and Nick talk about their identities as academics, experience of managing research groups, plus the habits they now have as supervisors, which used to annoy them as PhD students.

You can find Steve on Twitter @SteveTheChemist, Nick is @theevanslab, and you can listen to TheScienceShed on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and YouTube. You can also hear the episode we recorded together below: