Ep64: Selling to Scientists – Hamid Ghanadan

December 10, 2018 in Season 4
Photograph of Hamid Ghanadan.
Image credit: Hamid Ghanadan
Scientists can be notoriously skeptical, especially when it comes to something new. How do you get through to them, when trying to sell a new product or service?

The scientist is in their lab, doing their work everyday - they don’t care what products are out there

Hamid Ghanadan is the Founder of The Linus Group, a creative agency specialising in marketing to the healthcare and life-sciences industries.

In this episode we talk about: how Hamid was inspired by the challenge of making science more usable, how he moved out of the chemistry lab to start his own company, and how over the last twenty years this has developed into an agency that aims to communicate a message effectively to scientists.

Along the way, we discuss the differing advice his Professors gave him, the patterns he has noticed through market research interviews with scientists, and how to persuade scientists to engage with a new product or campaign.

Hamid has written multiple books on marketing to scientists, and can be found on Twitter @HamidGhanadan.