Ep33: Are Scientists Like Comedians? – Stuart Goldsmith

July 25, 2016 in Season 2
Photograph of Stuart Goldsmith performing.
Science and comedy - long lost cousins? Image credit: Stuart Goldsmith.
On first glance, being a scientist and a comedian are completely different things. Or are they? I put my case to Stuart Goldsmith, a stand-up comedian and host of The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast.
Photograph of Stuart Goldsmith.
Image credit: Andre Pattenden

I’m trying to answer the question: what would I be, if I could be anything? And this is the thing I’d most like to be

In his show, The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast, Stuart has interviewed over 170 comedians to find out about their writing process. And as a fan of the show, I’ve noticed some similarities between the two professions. In this episode, I put my case to Stuart to find out what he thinks.

For each industry we consider:

  • Labels - how members of each industry label themselves
  • Identity - the point at which you self-identify as a comedian or scientist
  • Currency - the credits that enable career progression
  • Creativity - how to inspire ideas
  • Fashion - how what’s in vogue influences decisions
  • Vocation - is it more than just a job?

You can find out more about Stuart’s work via his website, find his show on iTunes, or follow him on Twitter.